Internet communications support

Minimize the effects interruptions have on your activity

Minimize the effects interruptions have on your activity by allocating internet communication responsibility to Class IT. We ensure the monitoring and uninterrupted operations for your internet services, by keeping in touch with your internet service provider and seeking to quickly solve any incidents.


Class IT specialists manage the equipment that ensure internet access for your computers and for your local network as well as the required security.



Increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees through the implementation of regulations and restrictions regarding internet access, eliminating the possibility of accessing web pages that would waste the valuable, productive time of your employees and that bring no revenue to your company.


Control costs

Control costs for communications, by using an instrument that measures the quality of the services that your internet providers are offering and prioritize traffic for those segments of your business that generate the most revenue.

Our communication experts ensure you the functionality at optimum parameters of your internet connection by:


  • Maintain contact with your service provider
  • Contact your service provider's tech support to solve any incidents
  • Constant engagement with your service provider if solving any issue takes longer than the agreed time period
  • Periodic analysis for quality indicator (guaranteed bandwidth, delays) and the solving for any performance reducing situations
  • Identification for overload situations caused by internal traffic (P2P, Filesharing)
  • The management, control and restriction for internet access through the internal network
  • Traffic priority allocation for: email, vital applications, specific web sites traffic
  • Home internet access equipment management: Gateway (Router/Linux Server)
  • Constant supervision for operations through a real-time monitoring system
  • Securing a secondary connection if anything were to happen to the main line
  • Periodic maintenance tests for the damage control solution and its indicators